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Karen L. Miller LaSalle County Recorder

707 E. Etna Rd., Ottawa, IL 61350
Hours: Monday – Friday  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Phone: 815-434-8226  Fax: 815-434-8260



Property Fraud Alert

 The Recorder’s Office is committed to seeing that land records for the 1,152 square miles containing 737,280 acres within our County, be handled with all the attention to detail it has had in the past and to move forward with new available technology to provide the best customer service we can to our public.

The LaSalle County Recorder’s Office is where land records are filed. These records are available for public inspection by State Statute. The office provides the necessary equipment to search for and print copies of documents. While it is free to examine documents on file in the office, if you choose to make a copy to take with you a fee will be charged. These fees are set either by State Statute or by County Board Resolution. Recorder of Deeds Fee Schedule

Our books and computer records are open to the public. Book records go back to the early 1830’s and can be searched by names and legal descriptions. Computer records from 7/1982 – present can be searched by names or legal descriptions. Start with 12/7/05 records, there are added options to search through address, pin number or document type. All Records are on microfilm and records are available for viewing through computer imaging from 1982 to present.


Documents may be recorded provide they meet the requirements of State Statutes for a fee that is set by statute or County Board Resolution. These fees must be paid in advance of recording the document. A fee schedule is available from our internet site or at the Recorders Office. After recording your document we will need to retain it long enough to enter the information into our computer system. We will then mail it to the address indicated on the document.

Documents may be searched by document number, name or legal description. The staff will help you should you need assistance. We have several forms available at no charge in the office or you may download them for free. Publications and Forms.

Please remember that we are clerks and not attorneys and cannot answer legal questions. If you have questions of legality, please consult your attorney.

3 Ways to Access LaSalle County Land Records Online

online information accessibilityOnline access to county recorded land records 24×7. Seamlessly provides access to index information, mortgages, deeds, and other documents. Details and links


property fraud alert
Preventing mortgage fraud and identity theft is extremely important to your LaSalle County Recorder’s office. Unfortunately, it has become all too easy for a criminal to record a fraudulent deed, making it appear as if they own your home. Once this step is complete, they can use your home as collateral on a mortgage or even attempt to sell your home to an unsuspecting buyer. The LaSalle County Recorder’s office has taken a proactive step to provide you with one tool for staying ahead of criminals who prey on property owners. For your protection, consider subscribing to our FREE Property Fraud Alert Service for real-time monitoring and notification of any documents recorded with your name. Your security does matter to us.